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Is Epoxy Table food safe?

Is Epoxy Table food safe?

Epoxy resin is generally considered safe for use with food as long as it is properly formulated and cured.

Epoxy tables that are used for food preparation or serving should be made with a food-grade epoxy, which is formulated to meet specific standards for use with food. Food-grade epoxy should also be resistant to staining and should not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that could leach into food.

It's important to note that even if the epoxy is food safe, it's not recommended to use it as a cutting surface. Epoxy tables are typically used for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, but they are not as sharp as knives, so they might damage the knives.

It's also important to keep the table clean and sanitized, as with any surface that comes into contact with food.

In short, epoxy tables can be food safe, but it's important to check with the manufacturer and ensure that the product is specifically labeled as food safe, also it's not recommended to use it as a cutting surface.

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